The Burning House

This blog has an awesome concept and it has quickly turned into one of my favorites. Strangely enough they just did Anthropologie x The Burning House, which is actually my previous workplace! What a coincidence. Anyways, I entered my picture and they posted it! And a few of you even found me through my featured post. The best part about the website is after I look at the picture I get to see what country they are from and there are entries from all over the world! Name: Keri Dawn

Age: 19 Location: Los Angeles , California Occupation: Product Development Student at FiDM Website:


  • All people and my two cats Pickles and Rocket
  • Office ‘Frank Sinatra’ Brogues
  • Beautiful Boots
  • Ewok named Nom (gift from boyfriend)
  • First edition of my favorite book ‘I Married Adventure’
  • Perfume from Fragonard Perfumery in the South of France (the perfect scent)
  • Kitten (was my mum’s when she was little)
  • Wand from when I was little (to remind me not to lose my childlike wonder)
  • Custom-made Long Bow and arrows
  • 3 necklaces- 1 a blue butterfly wing (gifts from brother, mum, and nanny)
  • Box of pictures
  • Dad’s old binocular case (makes the best purse)
  • Silk ikat quilt handmade in India
  • Sweater my mum knit when pregnant with me
  • Mum’s vintage belt (goes with everything)
  • Kindle
  • iTouch
  • Blackberry Bold
  • Canon Rebel XS (used to take picture)
Here are some of my favorites:

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