Happy National Macaron Day!

Okay okay, I may have gone a little overboard on the macaron pictures. But in all seriousness, I'm obsessed. I have been obsessed with colorful desserts since a very young age. When I went to New York when I was little the only place I wanted to go was Dylan's Candy Bar, and when I went to France a few years ago I searched endlessly for macaron places in every city we were in. Of course I forced my whole group to walk 6 miles to Laduree on the last day of the trip as well.  My favorite place to go here in LA is either Bottega Louie in downtown, Paulettes in Beverly Hills, or the smaller version, 'lette, in Pasadena!

Just in case you wanted to try to make these babies (and trust me it's insanely difficult and I had 4 failed attempts so far), here is a recipe for Lavender Macarons, one of my favorite kinds. But if it is your first time making them, I might try the Rose Macarons, they are in my opinion the easiest to make.

Further Reading: (I have all of them since I'm obsessed)

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