I. Hate. Prom.

Looking for a long, beautiful, unique, elegant gown that is affordable is impossible in this town full of tacky Ed Hardy shit. Pardon my language...but it's seriously pissing me off. I live in LA, should it really be this hard? I have been looking in all the right places! I have bought 3 dresses. The first one I liked until I realized it was awkwardly short (mid-calf) the second I felt forced to get because I wanted to satisfy my mom and not make her go out again, and the third I ordered for $540 (the first two dresses were only $150 each and I can't afford anything over that so I feel guilty) on Neiman Marcus but it hasn't arrived yet and it most likely won't arrive on time. But I love it; it's the white one directly below, do you like it? ---------------------------------------------------

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