As you get to know me [at the moment there is nobody, but with my 'inconceivable' and 'unrealistic' dream, I hope to have a few fans in the future.. or someday be like the bloggers I have been following since the beginning of their existence, e.g., Cherry Blossom Girl, Sea of Shoes, and Garance Doré are a few of my favorites. Let's see, I wouldn't consider myself a NOOB regarding the fashion world, but I am still learning names and such. In comparison to the people in my school, though, I'm about as fashion forward as it gets! I have thousands of pictures saved on my computer at the moment [another thing that inspired me to to start this blog] all of which I don't have links for...ooops [see about me] SO, my darlings, I am going to post for you some of my favorite designers works. I warn you, I have a very girly style.
The Chloé Spring 2009 Collection is my all-time favorite, scallops make me swoon: I just love how ready-to-wear it all is! Luella, ahh Luella. Now Luella Bartley is a girl after my own heart. I love everything about it. Alexa Chung always wears it really well: Stella is well, stella! I love this ad:

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